NorthStar's Advanced Show Schedule Service 

Check one thing off your to-do list and send us your show schedule in advance!

You're in good company; We'll take care of the rest 

Use NorthStar's Advanced Show Schedule Service & let us know what
events you have coming up!

What is an Advanced Show Schedule?

Share with NorthStar your show schedule for the next two months, six months, or even the whole year! By giving us your schedule in advance, we can help ease your mind and take the stress off planning the shipments for your future shows. We will reach out and schedule your shipments with you prior to the show. That's right, we understand how busy you are - don't let tradeshow shipping hold you back!



  • It takes the stress out of remembering numerous show dates and schedules throughout the year


  • One of our Shipping Scientists will contact you to schedule your shipments prior to each show


  • Once we confirm your shipping, it's one more thing you can check off your to-do list


  • We will continue to follow up with you as the dates get closer, and confirm your shipments each step of the way


  • It's simple - let NorthStar do the work



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“My company went through some pretty crazy changes this year including doubling the number of tradeshows we participate in. With everything going on, I accidently sent a shipment to Tennessee that was supposed to be in California 3 days later. Fortunately, Northstar rescued the shipment and brought it back in time despite a major storm hitting. The show went successfully! This is just one example of all the ways that Northstar really pulls through for my company and me. Thank you Northstar!"

- Rachel S