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"NorthStar has been our shipping provider for the last three years. Prior to that, we had been with FedEx.  When we switched from using FedEx to NorthStar we saw an immediate improvement in the services and the savings that NorthStar has brought has been in the tens of thousands of dollars. We are very satisfied and  happy to be working with you and look forward to continuing our successful partnership."

- Jimnahs M., Manager, Marketing and Sales Support

"NorthStar has always been easy to work with and very helpful. I've never had any issues and prefer to work with them whenever I can. They have great reps that will build a relationship with you, not just bug you for sales."

- Krystal H.

**Please Note: NorthStar Express is a Business to Business transportation company and is not setup to handle the transportation of refrigerated or personal household goods.